Common Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance Agent

When it comes to insurance, buying the policy is not really more important as knowing how well it works. Most people just buy insurance and hope they are properly protected by the insurer. There is absolutely nothing wrong in you having basic idea of what your policy truly entails. Here are few questions to ask your insurance agent.

Ten Things to Ask Your Health Insurance Company

What Does Your Policy Cover?

Now this question may seem a bit funny, especially because the answer lies in the name of the policy. Health insurance doesn’t necessarily mean it covers all health related matters. Ask this direct question to the agent and sit patiently to understand the replies. You could even take notes where needed.

What Does Your Policy Not Cover?

Now this is one question that doesn’t get flung around easily by clients. Everyone is interested to know what they can benefit from the policy but few concerned themselves with its gaps. These few individuals are the ones that hardly get problems or issues with their insurers. They fully understand how far their policies can take them and where it can’t.

Are There Other Benefits?

Depending on the insurer you choose to settle with, some policies attract added benefits to them. They come in different names and forms but they offer the same kind of services to clients. These added benefits are popularly referred to as ‘add-ons’. You can know more about them by asking your insurance agent.


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