Top Best Tips to Documenting an Accident

When accidents occur, usually one or both parties are at fault. The last thing you should do is to argue who was at fault with the other driver. Just like the Miranda rights, you would be held liable by whatever you say or do after the accident. So once the accident occurs, put a call across to the police and proceed with these tips.


Know the Police Officers

Obviously you would have some police officers come to the scene of the accident. Start out by identifying these officers by taking down their name and badge number. Do this for all of the responding officers on the scene.

Ask for a Copy of their Report

The police officers would examine the accident and make a report. Politely ask them for a copy of their report. You should expect that not all would easily hand it over to you. Ask them where exactly you could get it and endeavor to get it.

Take Pictures and Videos

We live in an era of advanced technology. Your phone should be your greatest asset at that point in time. Take pictures and make videos of the accident. Anything you think you may not be able to remember, take pictures of it.

Talk to Witnesses

Unless you are in an isolated area, there are usually one or two witnesses to the accident. Ask them politely if they can stand as witness to the accident. If they agree, take down their names and contact information.


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