A Common Gap in Life Insurance

Without mincing words, life insurance is one of the best insurance policies available today. This is because it can cater for you and your loved ones. Most people are eligible to get life insurance but some hold back for lack of proper understanding of the policy. As the world becomes more and more enlightened, many people are moving towards purchasing life insurance. As good as this may seem, there are still some existing gaps in the policy.


For most people, life insurance is provided by the company they work for. Usually this is how most people get to buy life insurance. As good as this may seem, it actually is not enough if we look at it closely. Most of this company’s life insurance is about one to three times what your salary is. If you have more than two dependents, this may not be enough. If you have mortgage and college payment to make, this may not just be enough.

This gap in the policy has caused lots of problems between insurers and family members of the insured. For this reason, it is always best to buy additional policy outside the one offered by your company. This would not only give better coverage, it would go a long way to secure the financial future of your dependents when you die.


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