Be On Top of Your Cyber Security Game

One of the ways to actively combat cyber attacks or prevent data breaches is to have a good cyber security. While this alone may not be sufficient to prevent data breach but it would go along way to reduce your business vulnerability. Over the years, we have seen big companies fall prey to hackers with lots of information being released. In recent times, the Democratic candidate for the upcoming Presidential election in the USA, Hilary Clinton, had her emails hacked. While this may put fear in the minds of small businesses with little financial capabilities, there are still certain steps to take.


Physical Protection

While this may sound absurd, especially when cyber threat has to do with “cyber” but more often than not, these hackers need to physically get access into your system. Physical protection takes different shapes and can be largely classified. You have to make sure than access to your storage room or area where vital information is kept is limited to few persons. The area should also be properly protected at night to avoid someone gaining access when you have closed for the day.

Stay Updated

Cyber security systems are frequently being updated stay viable against attacks. So getting a cyber security system in place is just the first of many steps you will take. Usually these security systems would inform their clients when there is need for an upgrade. It is advisable to always make this upgrade when it is available.

Have a Good Backup

You can consider this your fail safe option. Just in case you experience a data loss, you wouldn’t have to spend much or depend on the cyber insurance company to retrieve the data. There is no mincing word with this part; you just have to get a formidable backup in place.


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