Auto Insurance: Tips for Avoiding Animal Collision

The greatest cause of accidents is distraction but sometimes, no matter how alert we may be, animals could take us unawares. Since it’s almost inevitable to avoid contact with these animals on roads, we meet with some auto insurance professionals at Greater National Group to give some tips to insured drivers.


Stay Alert

This obviously will be the starting tip for any driver. Irrespective of the level of driving experience, it is paramount to always be on the alert when driving and look out for animals. Collision with animals cannot only cause vehicular damage; it could also lead to bodily injuries.

Slow Down If You See Any Animal

So you’re driving and you see an animal trying to cross the road or playing on the road, it’s not advisable to increase your speed and hope it would scare away. These animals are unpredictable and can act in ways totally different from your expectations. Just slow down and keep blasting your horn to scare it away. Do not swerve to avoid the animal as this could be dangerous.

Use High Beams at Night

If you are driving through areas where there are lots of animal movement activities, ensure you drive with high beams at night. This will allow you see far ahead and catch glimpses of their eyes in the reflection. The high beam light also helps in scaring the animals from the road.

Check Your Brakes and Fluids

This is generally a good car safety tip. You have no business driving a car with less functioning brakes. You can only know this if you routinely take the car for servicing and maintenance. With good breaks, you will be able to avoid collisions a whole lot easier.


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