3 Steps to Take after an Auto Accident

Anyone can be involved in an accident any day and time and for this reason, auto insurance has become an important part of our everyday life. If and when you get involved in an accident – irrespective of the magnitude – here are 3 steps you would want to take.


Call Your Insurer

Understandably you would want to call family and friends to tell them what has just happened but this is not the time for storytelling. You would need to get your insurer and tell him what has happened. This isbecause at that time, the event would still be fresh in your mind. The insurer will confirm and assign an adjuster to you. You would have to tell the adjuster all that happened while you let him take his record of everything.

Keep Things in Record

Unless you have a willing thirdparty that just wants to pay for the damages and not drag matters, you may need to take credible evidence of the event. You can use today’s technology to your advantage. Once the accident occurs and you have confirmed that your health is fine, you should proceed to take a pic of the accident. You could also record a video and document it properly. Ask questions and pen down every information you can lay your hands on; irrespective of whether it looks good to you or not.

File Your Claim

When all is said and done, your adjuster will assist you in filing for a claim. If you are not comfortable with the way the adjuster is handling things, you could always hire an independent adjuster to help fight for you.


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