When Employees Become Cyber Security Risks to Businesses

Having employees in this 21st century usually requires that they are tech savvy or have a good knowledge of computers. As great as this may be, it could sometimes be counterproductive. These tech savvy employees are more prone to sharing information online freely. Cyber-attacks are usually carried out when these occur. To try to avoid or limit this, you and your business needs to understand…


Tech Savvy Doesn’t Automatically Translate to Tech Safety

This is self-explanatory in itself but let’s expound on it a little. Employees who are tech savvy have habit of assuming they are too knowledgeable with the tech world in general. This is far from the truth and is a mistake business owners tend to realize a little too late. Phishing hacks are one of the most common types of hacks in the work place. For this reason you would want to invest in training all of your employees in tech safety. It will go a long way to secure your business.

Small Businesses are Uniquely Vulnerable

If you are the owner of a small business, then this may interest you. Small business owners often make the mistake into believing that they are not attractive to hackers – the smaller the business, the fewer the number of employees. This means more employees will have access to information they necessarily shouldn’t have. This is one way of increasing the business vulnerability. Small businesses are not also financially capable to use high end cyber security systems and measures.


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