Simplifying Your Auto Insurance Claim Process

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you would understand that filing a claim is something very important but most people don’t enjoy it because of the stress involved. Here are 5 steps you need to know when next you are involved in an accident.


Equip Yourself with Information

Immediately the accident occurs, you need to start paying attention to every little detail. Use your phone to take pictures and record videos. While your words may be worth something, it cannot compare to having evidence in pictures and videos. If you have a police officer at the scene, get his name and contacts. If none is available, it wouldn’t hurt to call them to get a formal documentation.

Exchange Insurance Information

When involved in an accident, ensure you exchange insurance information with the other party. Usually this will help speed up your claim process, especially if it isn’t your fault. If the other party tries to run, try getting their plate number or anything that can be used to find them.

Write Down Details

Taking pictures and videos is not sufficient alone in itself. There is information you may get when you’re not recording or snapping. Get a pen and paper to write down all of this information to ensure you don’t forget.

File the Claim

While you have gotten all of these, file a claim immediately. Call them to let them know the situation of things. Details would still be fresh in your head if you do this immediately. The insurer can also relay this fresh information to the adjuster. The sooner and quicker you contact your insurer, the better and easier to get payment.


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