Getting General Business Liability Insurance: What Next?

As you journey with your new business, you would probably have understood the benefit of having insurance. One of the first insurance policies that most people buy is the general business liability insurance. This is because it protects against the most dreaded incident any business owner would not want to deal with – getting sued. So by now you probably have chosen a professional insurer, great premium, and signed the contract. Knowing your business is now protected, the next question that will often pop up in mind would be what next?


As long as you do not default in payment of your premium, you do not necessarily have to burden yourself with this question. As far as general business liability insurance is concerned, you are done! It would come back to protect you when the time is right.


The ‘what next?’ question should be directed to focusing on getting more insurance. General business liability insurance is not a one size fits all policy. You would need to buy other insurance for more specific coverage. If you are looking to get a combination of policies, then a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) should suffice. A BOP in itself wouldn’t provide all the coverage you will need, especially because of its limits.


The question should see you searching for other insurance options and understanding what they cover. You would be doing your business a great service if you give it all the protection and coverage it needs.


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