Why You Should Consider Buying Coverage for Your Valuables

When David met Vanessa, it was definitely love at first sight. The next 8 months would lead to an amazing wedding and beautiful diamond rings worth $6,000 – one that Vanessa will forever cherish. On one hot summer outing to the beach, Vanessa had given David the ring to keep safely for her. The only place safe enough to keep it was in his jacket. Few days down, he took them out to the cleaners. It was only after it was due for collection he remembered he had kept them in there. Got to the cleaners and as you could rightly guess, it was gone.


This kind of loss of something valuable can occur and affect anyone. Luckily for David and Vanessa, they had remembered to take additional insurance for the rings on their homeowner’s insurance policy. After filing for claim, in a couple of weeks, the insurance company gave the couple a check for $4,000. This was an amazing deal for them but they were still short $2,000. While the couple had done the right thing by insuring the rings, they had not properly done an appraisal to know the true cost of the rings before buying the additional insurance.

Since these types of valuables are usually not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policy, it is best you know the actual value of whatever you want to cover. This will giveyou full protection and coverage in case there is any loss or damage to the property(s).


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