These Factors Could Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

As important as having auto insurance could be, you would also want to have an affordable premium package. If you fall into the lower income bracket, you would definitely strive to get a lower premium. Here are some factors you should look at to help reduce your premium.

Factors affecting Premiums for Auto Insurance Car Insurance in Singapore

How bad is your driving record?

If we are to be honest with ourselves, we probably have had one ticket or the other. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad driver; you could have a logical reason why you have the ticket(s). Irrespective of your reason, you insurer will only see it one way if the record is bad – you are a liability!

Where do you live?

Remember we are dealing with auto insurance and you are expecting the company to pay for damages or losses to your vehicle(s). Insurance companies don’t like to be burdened with liabilities either. For this reason, how secured your home and community is will affect your premium. Obviously if you live in an unsecured community, you should expect you will be charged a higher premium.

Are you married?

This may seem absurd but insurers also take this into consideration. It is generally believed that when you are married, you make a more responsible driver. In other words, married people should have fewer accidents.

How often do you drive the vehicle(s)?

The more the insured vehicle will be on the road, the higher the chances of it having an accident. So if you are able to reduce use of the vehicle with proof to this effect, the insurer will reduce your premium rate – albeit little.


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