How Much Life Insurance You Need?

Life insurance is one of the most important insurance policies out there. It’s just a pity that many people take it for granted either out of fear or because they believe they somehow possess longevity. The amount of life insurance needed will be determined by the reason you decided to take a life insurance policy in the first place. There are several factors to take into consideration at this point.


How many dependents do you have?

This is a major consideration, especially if you have quite a number of dependents. Dependents usually including but not limited to spouse, children, and aged parents. As the policyholder, you provided income for these dependents while you were alive. The life insurance you’ll need should be able to provide an income for all of the dependents without causing a financial strain to any of them.

Unpaid medical bills and funeral expenses

Assuming you are aware you have an illness that could cost a lot in medical bills to treat, a life insurance policy can help your dependents pay for it if you pass away. No matter the amount of life insurance in place, your dear ones will miss you greatly. The last thing you should let them bother about while grieving is the funeral expenses. Life insurance policy can also help you take care of this.

Pay off mortgage

If you have any outstanding mortgage(s) to clear off, a life insurance policy is a great way to avoid placing such debts in the hands of your spouse or children.


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