Driver, Insurance Policies, and Lawsuits

One of the perfect descriptions of stress is trying to deal with a lawsuit. It has an unexplained way of draining the life out of you, if you are not careful. You may be among the few lucky ones who have never really been a party to a lawsuit (we admire you) but anything can happen any day. So what if you find yourself in such a situation? Well here are some things you will be grateful to know about:

auto-insurance (1)


Do You Really Want To Go To Court?

Some people think that because they are the plaintiff, that they have the advantage. When it comes to court proceedings, both the plaintiff and defendant have the same chances of having a win or a loss. If it goes to court, ensure it gets settled in the pretrial stage. This will save you money and time. You don’t have to worry; you are not alone in this – statistics shows about 90% of such cases end in the pretrial stages.

If you are dealing with a small case and you are the plaintiff, rather than spend money on attorney fees (especially if the damages is minimal and you don’t have money for legal fees), take it to what is generally referred to as ‘small-claims court’. You will be able to defend yourself without incurring more legal charges.

If You Get Sued

These things are bound to happen sometimes. When they do, act immediately by contacting your insurance company. Do not ignore it and hope it magically goes away. The insurance company will be paying for the legal cost and will provide the attorney. Depending on the insurance coverage you are in, you may have the option of choosing to settle with the insurer’s attorney or choose your attorney.


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