Understanding Insurance Policies

It’s surprisingly funny to see that people still shy away from insurance. A deeper research has shown that they do this because they have misconceptions about insurance in general. Many are of the opinion that insurers don’t pay for claims when the time if due. They see it as a hassle to get insurers to pay for damages or loss. While there may be some level of truth to this, it’s still a matter of understanding.


Insurance companies are not Charity organizations that seek to give out funds anytime it is available. As a business of its own, insurers want to be certain of the cause and level of damage or loss because paying for it. There are other factors the insurer looks out for when drafting out the policy. They do this to ensure there is no misunderstanding when claims are to be filed.

For example, if an insurer considers a client a high risk, they tend to increase the premium of the policy. This is because the insurer does not want to have to pay for loss or damages too often without your premium being able to cover for it. In the case of a car insurance policy, if the client lives in an unsafe or unprotected community, it means his/her car has a high risk or being stolen or damaged. The premium for the client would be higher than someone living in a gated and secured community.


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